1. Heart Queen Bonnet

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  3. Angelic Pretty Labyrinth of Rose OP

  4. Innocent World x Nakamura Asumiko set

  5. Innocent World Classical Doll Alice Dress and apron.

  6. Labyrinth in the Reminiscent Mirror One-Piece

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    Takarano Arika English Garden Dress

    Takarano Arika English Garden Dress

  8. Pink Ribbon Princess Bow

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  9. uowu-deactivated20140109 said: where did you get the teapot and rilakkuma mug in post 40044378090 ?? so cute oyo

    I bought the Rilakkuma mug at a pop-up shop in LA a few years ago, and the teapot is from Ross or somewhere like that (I forget which store exactly).

  10. kvroneko-deactivated20140213 said: where do you purcheased the kyubey plush?

    The Kyubey plush is from AmiAmi